Thank You to...

Papa God – You mean everything to me. You have changed my life and given me purpose. I joyfully pour my heart out to You. I have so enjoyed journeying with You to this point and am delighted to see this dream come to pass, which You planted in my heart so many years ago. You are the dream giver and I am brimming with anticipation! Thank you for being my source of life, hope and destiny. You are my songwriter and melody maker. You have been my inspiration and I love You so much. May these songs bring a smile to Your face and draw others closer to Your heart. All glory to You!
Randal – You are a treasure! Thank you for believing in me and loving me. You have so eagerly listened to me and encouraged me. You are hungry for more of God and I have thoroughly enjoyed how God has used our marriage to spiral us up together! Thank you for being such a bold and faithful follower of Christ. I’ve loved travelling this road with you.
Mom – You have been such an encouragement to me. Your excitment and interest in all I set my hand to is unparalleled. You have been my cheerleader and sounding board. Thank you for always seeing the best and delighting in me. It all means more than I can say.

STI Studios – A.J. and Michael, you guys are truly superb! It was an honour to work with you and benefit from your wide reaching talents!

Dave Locke – Thank you for lending your worshipper’s heart to this album. You`ve added so much. You and Joy are such precious people.

Paul des Trois Maison – You have journeyed with me along this wonderful, unpredictable road of worship. Thank you for bending over backwards to be a support to me. You astounded me over and over by your selflessness and willingness to invest in me. You have the heart of a father and it has been such a blessing to me.

St Andrew’s – Thank you for all your encouragement. You had been such a wonderful family to Randal and I for so long. I felt so loved and treasured by you. I grew so much while venturing out in leadership under your care. May you always find new ways to grow as you continue to press into Papa's heart.
Wake Up Call Ladies – Thank you for letting me learn how to worship with you. Mary Audrey, you carved out room for me to grow! Thank you for your patience and encouragement, for believing in me and letting me learn to fly under your care.


All Songs written and performed
by Heather Harder

© 2011 Heather Harder

Produced by Alexander John Peterkin
at STI Studios
<Sound That Imagines>

Acoustic Guitar (Rhythm):
Heather Harder
Accompanying Acoustic Guitar:
Michael Peterkin (Lead on ‘Your Cross’ & ‘It’s You’)
Paul Des Trois Maison in ‘Weak’ & ‘What You Deserve’
Electric and Bass* Guitar:
Michael Peterkin
(*Except ‘Be My Valentine’: Alexander Peterkin)
Alexander Peterkin
(Also Michael Peterkin in ‘Beautiful’ &‘Take Me There’)
Alexander Peterkin
Male Vocals:
David Locke