Where will Intimacy with God take you?

From the halls in your home to the streets of your city. From unbelieving believers to the victims of atrocities... you never know where intimacy with God will lead you. God's heart breaks for the broken and disillusioned.

Who will journey so deep into the heart of God, become so lost in His love, get so capture by His passions... that they give themselves wholly to what He values? We were designed and created to make a meaningful impact on the people around us as the love God pours into us and through us.


This worship album, Into His Heart, is a musical account of my continuing journey into the heart of God. It's a journey He longs for us all to take.

On our Journey into the Heart of God we find a world of people He desperately loves. It begins in the intimate place... everything starts there. His presence alone changes us. His love redefines us. His vision expands us. His desire is for us to walk in the revelation that nothing is impossible. The life He has in mind for us is far beyond our imaginings.

Take a journey into the heart of God, and find all He has in store for you.

May you be richly blessed as you do, Heather