Take Me There

Let Him spark an unquenchable longing in your heart to bring His love to those who don’t know Him.


A few months prior to writing this song, my husband (Randal) and I gained a united heart and desire to go to Africa. A few months after writing this song we found out we were pregnant. A whirlwind of thoughts flooded our heads as we were thrust into a journey toward parenthood that we very much wanted, but weren’t expecting right then. We were excited because we had waited a long time for this journey to begin... but we wondered what would become of the direction God was giving about Africa. Then, in an instant everything changed.

A week after finding out we were expecting, we lost our baby. Devastated isn't a strong enough word, but God supernaturally replaced grief with hope and peace. God gave a promise of children to come. We were ecstatic that God had graduated us from 'wait' to 'yes' even if it was not now. And having just seen a glimpse of how life would change once children arrived, we knew that Africa was suddenly a very high priority. With our hearts burning to GO, and doors flying open, we went and were never the same. (And to complete the story… God made good on His promise and our baby boy did arrive!)
Whatever we dream for ourselves, it's always worth comparing our dreams to His dreams, and always worth sacrificing our way for His way.

My heart burns with the plans of the LORD :: All else fades when compared :: Help me to ever compare my poor dreams :: With all the dreams You have shared :: Take me there LORD :: Take me to winding mountain sides :: Take me there LORD :: Take me soaring through the skies :: Take me to touch the untouchable :: and love the unlovable :: LORD, take me there :: take me there :: My hands burn with the touch of the LORD :: My eyes burn with His gaze :: Longing to give what I have received :: My feet burn for His ways :: Take me there :: Take me there :: To the faces :: to the needs :: to the promise :: to the pleads