Freely Give!

In the same way that I love to share my heart with a good friend, I long to share this musical journey with you. It is my heart poured out, my worship to the King, His whispers into my ear, the elation of communion with Him... and as I have freely received, I freely give.

My prayer is that it inspires and motivates you to search out the King, your bridegroom, to meet Him in the secret place, to journey into His heart and find out what lies in store for you there. That would be, to me, greater riches than any other.


A Note About Hard Copies:
I am expecting demand for hard copies to be minimal since the album is available for free on line. I will determine whether there is interest enough to warrant the cost of duplication as I hear from people. If you are interested in having a hard copy of this album let me know (please provide an email address). The hard copy would also be free of charge except for any shipping charges. Check back for updates.

Into His Heart :: A Worship Album - WAV format

A musical conversation sung to & from the heart of God

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Into His Heart :: A Worship Album - MP3 format

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