Linger Longer

Let God meet you in the secret place where He draws you into intimacy with Himself.

There are many ways to spend time with the Lord - it is important that we learn to 'do life' with God - but by far my favourite is to cut out distractions, get alone with Him and hear what He has to say to my heart. It's my lifeline.

It was through a prophetic word that I heard 'linger longer,' and it was in a season when I had a lot of free time and would spend hours alone with God. It made such an impression on me as to how much God loves spending time with me as well. It was not a guilt trip, or pointing out something I was neglecting to do - it was a taste of His extravagant nature. He's lovesick. It's not about putting in time or getting a checkmark. He was saying that there was nothing He would rather do but to be with me, to linger longer... longer... and longer still. Extravagance! Abundance! How amazing that we have captured the heart of God. He is ravished by us! It is God’s heart cry to each of us – He longs for our presence more than we long for His. We were created for Him… to be His delight and He ours.
In My presence is fullness of joy :: You are welcome :: come and stay :: Drink deep of My love :: It flows for you day after day :: Linger longer :: stay with Me :: Linger longer :: it’s here you’re free :: Rest at My feet :: it’s here our hearts meet :: Linger longer :: Linger longer :: Come to Me and know My rest :: Let My peace fill every part :: Press in deeper still :: Dwell in the depths of My heart :: You’re My love :: You’re My bride :: You’re My joy :: and My pride :: Won’t you come :: won’t you stay :: Let My face light the way :: Won’t you come :: won’t you stay :: Won’t you come :: won’t you stay :: Linger longer :: stay with me