Let Him reveal the value of weakness, and how He meets your weakness with His greatness.
I wrote this while sitting in a cement block house in Africa with only the sound of crickets chirping and the tin roof expanding in the heat.
We were visiting Iris Ministries in Mozambique where there is always an outreach to join in on or kids to be with. It was a day to rest and I was glad for some downtime. I took the opportunity to put into music something that had been stirring in me in the days prior. Thanks to a guest speaker we had heard in Zimpeto, I was learning that this weakness, this feeling of being so small in the midst of great need, was actually an asset. And in a place of constant giving, that was a welcome revelation.
Weakness ushers in God’s strength – our inabilities and limitations are actually a platform for God’s power. I want Him to fill me with the supernatural... exchanging my ability for His. I want to trust Him like a child would, without anxiety or any need for control. I want to rest in His promise that He'll answer when I call. I want to be a vessel God can pour into and empty out to meet the needs around me. I want to embrace weakness and see God's power reach through me - for in this way I will embrace God's strength.
Weak :: Weaker still :: Make me empty :: Then come and fill :: This little heart :: This little heart :: Small :: Smaller still :: Make me childlike :: Come shape my will :: Mould every part :: Mould every part :: Come dig a new well :: In this heart of mine :: Fill me with Your love :: And pour me out :: Pour me out :: Weak :: Weaker still :: In my weakness :: You come and fill :: Fill every part :: Fill every part