Heather's Passions

There are areas in life that fit us like a key in a lock. Areas that bring us joy and fulfillment, where time flies by unnoticed and we feel refreshed and satisfied. These are such a gift and we all love spending time on those things.

Then there are other areas that do not fill us with joy, but rather with a sense of injustice or anger. We all know of despicable acts that are being committed against the innocent.
A friend once said that when trying to determine your purpose, others often ask you 'What makes you so happy you could do it the rest of your life?' Instead ask: 'What makes you so angry you have to do something about it?' Perhaps God put that passion in you. What are you going to do about it? I've heard Bill Hybels describe it this way: 'Feed the heartbreak and let it stir in you a holy discontent. Then allow God to use you in the solution.'

There are areas that each of us feels extra excitement for or a burden to see changed. Here are some of mine...

  • First and foremost... I want to live increasingly for the glory of my King and Bridegroom - Jesus Christ. I want to be interwoven with Him so that His thoughts are as clear as my own, and His heart beats inside me. I want to be free from misguided thinking and the hindrances that keep me from walking in my true identity and walking out my destiny. I want to be faithful and full of faith to fulfill the purpose He sets before me. And I want to be a good steward of the gifts, talents and treasures He entrusts me with. And I greatly desire to live in increasing communion with Him, loving Him and being loved by Him. Nothing else satisfies like He does.
  • I want to be an extravagant giver... a conduit, rather than a reservoir, of His heavenly resources. I want to know God as my provider, and be used by Him as a blessing to others. I want to know more of the incredible freedom and power of not holding onto (or being held by) any earthly thing!
  • I am deeply troubled by the injustice in the world.... it puts knots in the pit of my stomach. It's unthinkable what some people have to live through - usually unnecessarily at the hands of others' selfishness. It is despicable that young girls and women would be rented out to men like a commodity, kept locked in cages and hidden places, subject to tortures day after day. It is beyond reasoning that people could be considered untouchable, without status, without right to basic needs simply because they are born below the cast system. It's crushing to think of the vast populations living and dying in poverty when with proper redistribution of resources much of this hunger and need could be avoided. It is heart breaking to think of the millions of people who are killed mercilessly in the womb, without a voice, without a choice at the hands of 'women's rights.' I want to feed the heartbreak I feel and to position myself on the solution side of these atrocities.
  • I am deeply moved by worship. I want to become a true worshipper. Yes, through music... but more so through every thought and action. Through purity. Through service. Through kindness and sacrifice. I want my whole life to glorify God.
I am thankful that God desires relationship and gives us abundant mercy as He walks with us through our successes and failings. Many of our passions are in various stages of maturity - some in their infancy. As we learn to live on purpose, He will give us what we need to live out what He has placed in our hearts. He has designed us for victory, and I believe that as we rise up, we will see change and the course of history will be altered. God has made a way for hope to come to the hurting... IT'S YOU!