Heather's Favourite Things

Here are a few of the things that have caught my fancy...
  • Our two boys... They are such treasures and delights - They bring so much joy to our lives!
  • Bethel Church in Redding, CA - worship and teaching. They offer a free sermon download each week. www.ibethel.org
  • Mike Bickle and IHOP, Kansas City, MO - 24/7 worship and access to a free library of Mike Bickle's teaching material.  www.ihop.org
  • Veggie Tales... particularly "A Snoodles Tale." www.bigidea.com
  • Iris Ministries and the teachings of Heidi and Rolland Baker. www.irismin.org
  • Finding a great deal... Thrift stores. Clearance sales. Hand-me-downs. Garage sales. You get the idea!
  • Photography has been a budding love... mostly since the dawn of digital photography since now art and frugality can both be satisfied!
  • Arthur Burk's teaching on nurturing the spirit (rather than primarily the soul or body). www.theslg.com   
  • Child sponsorship through Compassion Canada. www.compassion.ca